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PowerBrick Slim

Certified Fanless Mini Computer​

PowerBrick Slim

Certified Fanless Mini Computer

The PowerBrick Slim is a computer for use in Electrical Panels, Vehicles, Displays and data acquisition Controllers. A Class 1 Division 2 Certificate powered by Intel i5 or i7, this slim mini computer delivers higher computing performance and less power consumption.

IP65 - Front Panel
Wide Input
IP65 - Front Panel
2 LAN Ports
IP65 - Front Panel
Dual HD Video
IP65 - Front Panel
Wireless Connectivity
IP65 - Front Panel
Custom Build

Already Certified

Our pre-built computers are certified for Class 1 Division 2 and most needed certifications in harsh environments.

Built to connect everywhere

We include a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty on all our products. Lightning-quick repairs and replacements save our customers time and money.

Huge in performance yet small
It’s lightweight and can be used in smaller spaces

Easy to upgrade

The PowerBrick Slim can be opened easily from the top to remove or change the memory or SSD.

Chosse between Intel i5 or i7 processor.
It can stand dust, humidity and much more.

Technical Specifications

Available in different sizes

Need a different solution? Let's build together

Choose from more than 200 customization options to build the perfect industrial pc for your project. Talk with our team today and let’s build together.