Acura Embedded Systems

Acura Embedded Systems to reduce carbon emissions for public transport buses

Reduce Carbon Emissions

The well-connected network brings the bus to facilitate the daily commute. Just how effective we are in the public transport system to reduce carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions?

As we strive towards a cleaner planet, to encourage the general public to use public transport, such as buses, trains, rapid transit, to help reduce carbon emissions. However, carbon emissions are not simply the number of vehicles on the road, it also has to make an example of how the drive to optimize fuel efficiency.

In order to minimize the carbon emissions caused by today’s public transportation, trucking companies are beginning to install the system to monitor and manage carbon emissions. They are also looking into ways to optimize fuel consumption and improve energy savings.

  • Our Solution

Acura embedded systems provide an ideal solution. Acura fanless and rugged embedded computers can connect external I / O modules and sensors via the built-in CAN bus protocol and RS-485 serial ports to detect vehicle carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Embedded systems real-time data collected emissions and fuel consumption, and transmits the data (via mini PCIe interface) back to a control center for monitoring and analyzing data through the wireless LAN and LTE. Every vehicle in the fleet is equipped with an embedded system to gather real-time information of the driver, the route taken and vehicle fuel system and engine status via CAN bus.

The embedded system also monitors each vehicle’s fuel level and re-stimulation. With cumulative statistics, you can take steps to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

  • Embedded Controller

Due to the nature of the constraints on public transport vehicles and space must be rugged and compact embedded controller designed to withstand happen on the road shock and vibration. Although passive cooling, embedded systems need to have excellent thermal cooling mechanisms to work at different temperatures and the changing seasons throughout the day.

A well-designed embedded system must be low power, but it must be proportional per watt (such as Intel ® Atom ™ processor), a high-performance, ensure the stability and life cycle and reduce maintenance costs. Compatibility and stability with peripherals and sensor connection is also a serious consideration of system integrators.

Today, the embedded systems are more than the traditional control room and outside the factory. Acura embedded system provides all of the key requirements to help monitor and control these vehicles more energy-efficient while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to a cleaner environment and everyone in the world.

Reduce Carbon Emissions for Public Transport Buses