Rugged computer manufacturers

 Like ordinary consumers, when daily operations become more and more complicated, factories will turn to special equipment for solutions. In the past, with the widespread use of rugged computers, people have noticed this. Rugged computers are designed to operate in highly variable industrial spaces, and we have begun to see this again through another widely used technology. One point: industrial tablet computers.

 Industrial tablets have become a popular addition to the technical library of casual and professional consumers, and over time it has become more and more real.

Understandably, factories and manufacturers have also begun to seize this trend on their own. In many industries, we have seen industrial tablet computers can be used to handle some of the daily operations of the factory. Just as ordinary consumers need an iPad tailored to their needs and daily life, industrial professionals also need to be equipped with equipment that can meet their needs. This is exactly what a rugged industrial panel computer can provide.

Enhanced durability

“Rugged and durable” is not only a fancy adjective, it is also a category of tablets and computers designed according to military-grade specifications. The first of these specifications is the Ingress Protection (IP) level. Rugged industrial tablets are tested and evaluated based on how easily dust, moisture, and other contaminants can penetrate the device and cause damage.

The ordinary iPad is not sturdy or waterproof. It has no IP protection rating at all, which means that there are no formal dust and waterproof measures. For ordinary users, this is not a big problem, but for industrial employees working near debris and moisture-generating equipment (such as water jet cutters and woodworking tools), it is necessary to take certain insurance measures to avoid pollutants.

The rugged industrial panel computer has an IP65 protection level, can completely seal dust particles, and can directly spray water without affecting performance.

Regarding ratings and certifications, rugged industrial tablet computers also need to be certified to prove that they can withstand environmental pressure, falling from a height of 5 feet, etc. Combined with the tests they have accepted for operating in a wider range of extreme temperatures, it can be clearly seen that the rugged industrial panel computers are more fully prepared for the highly fluctuating industrial workplaces.