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Rugged Computer with Built in DVR (digital video recording)

  • Rugged computer with Built-in DVR (digital video recording)

Mobile DVR? Rugged PC? Why not consolidated a Mobile rugged PC with a built-in DVR if you want to install a high-performance computer device but with limited space like in marine, airplane, or helicopter?

Right now Acura Embedded Systems Inc. developed a whole series of mobile rugged PC with built-in DVRs, which could connect up to 4 surveillance cameras.  It solves your problems.

1. PowerBrick is one of the most powerful rugged mobile computers with an Intel i7 processor.   You can record multiple channels of the video but still be able to run demanding applications at the same time. The built-in DVR can be used for hazmat, training, security, back up cameras, on-screen monitoring, and anything else needing a video application.

2.AcuPanel 12 is a 12.1 inch LCD high brightness rugged touch screen Panel PC with IP67. The most hazardous Panel PC could be used in Class I Division II area with the operating temperature of -40°C to 65°C. AcuPanel 12 CV is a pre-installed industrial surveillance solution with multi-detections features and so it is an ideal real-time control surveillance system for Oil/Gas/Mining industry.

3. AcuPanel 15 is a 15 inch rugged stainless TFT touch screen Panel PC with four-channel DVR input. It can be used in the remote operation and production lines of oil field and petroleum industries based on obtaining the certificate of Class I Division II, ATEX, CE, and FCC.

Rugged Computer with Built-In DVR (Digital Video Recording)