Acura Embedded Systems
  • Problems with dust 

Dust can be one of a computer’s biggest enemies. It can penetrate the cogs of a machine, block filters, and air vents. Therefore, over-insulation can cause electronic components to short circuit.

 Dust is one of the main causes of early computer failure. It is therefore important to protect personal computers in dusty environments. This is not always easy to do, especially when the computer is used in industrial areas.

Even in the packing or shipping areas, dust is often in the atmosphere and standard computers can fail under these conditions. Likewise, printers can become clogged; monitors can even explode if too much dust collects in the machine.

  •  PCs in extreme conditions

Extreme temperature fluctuations, dust, dirt, grease, and splashing liquids are threatening expensive electronic products. Before installing electronic equipment on the factory floor, system designers can choose to specify an industrial hardened computer or a well-sealed industrial computer case to be used with a desktop computer

Many customers will perform system tests on the industrial computer after receiving it. For example, run the program, adjust the CPU to the maximum, and adjust the memory to the maximum. They will find that the casing of the industrial computer will be very hot. What causes the industrial computer to fail? Is it so high in calories?

In a sealed working environment

 Because the inside of the industrial computer is a completely sealed structure, the heat will be dissipated into the body during the working process, but if the industrial computer is installed in a completely sealed machine environment, there is no external air circulation, which will cause the ambient temperature to continue to rise. This will affect the normal operation of industrial computers. We recommend that customers ensure a certain airflow when installing industrial computers. For example, it is best to add a small fan when installed in a cabinet.

Sealed industrial computers