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Solution for Multimedia Player and Information Monitoring system on trains

With the rapid development of global information technology, people expect that they can have easy access to any form of information wherever they are. For example, a train in a western province adopts a multimedia player system with PowerBrick as its main control unit. Despite the high speed at which the train is running, the system can play movies and music, as well as real-time monitor the speed, station information, indoor and outdoor temperatures of the train. Each compartment of the train is equipped with two video cameras, one at the front and one at the rear, to real-time acquire video data from the train. The system can also ensure appropriate train scheduling and curb crimes on trains.

The system consists of an embedded industrial computers (PowerBrick, serving as the main control unit), an information monitoring system, and multimedia player terminals. The industrial PC collects all the acquired data, stores and processes them on a real-time basis. The multimedia player terminals display and release various kinds of multimedia information, and at the same time, the industrial PC sends the real-time acquired data to the server for storage.

With this system, passengers can enjoy various music or video programs on the train and have access to the train timetable, travel conditions, interior and exterior conditions, notices, name of next station, etc. To receive the sound of programs, passengers only need to plug the earphone into the jack.

By integrating the information monitoring system and using the video acquisition module and environmental condition acquisition module, the real-time acquisition of passenger information, train running conditions, and safety-related data can be achieved. All these data and information can provide strong evidence or clues for train staff to handle emergencies and improve passenger services.

In the application of multimedia player and industrial monitors system, high-quality video player and video acquisition & processing require high-performance CPU processing capability. When Pentium-M level device is used for both video and data processing, the CPU utilization reaches 90%, so that video quality and the prompt processing and storing of the information can’t be ensured. Acura’s PowerBrick is just released to address this problem. A fanless embedded industrial PC accompanied with Quad-Core CPU i7-4650U, PowerBrick has a CPU utilization of around 40% when operating at full load, guaranteeing video quality, prompt playing, and storing of the image information acquired.

In addition, PowerBrick provides multiple I/Os and expansion ports supporting connections among different modules, meeting the need for applications for more expansions. Furthermore, its fully-sealed and fanless design, dust, and vibration resistance make the industrial computer even more suitable for the dynamical environment of high-speed trains.

Solution for Multimedia Player and Information Monitoring System on Trains