Solution for Sewage Treatment system

With the rapid development of industrial and urban environmental pollution caused by the growing sewage, water protection, and sewage treatment has become a difficult task at all levels of government. Acura Embedded and another local company actively promote the development of sewage treatment technology, the use of high-tech sewage treatment embodiment, the complex monitoring environment become simple to monitor unattended mode, actively promote the sustainable development of cities, maintaining landscaping and environmental management.

The system currently used in the wastewater treatment plants is widely used and has achieved good results in the control, monitoring, and data acquisition systems. After completion of the data collection, field device transmitted control center by Acura Embedded industrial panel computers analysis, display, storage. Managers learn a terminal device operating status, and issue commands to control field devices.

Acura industrial computer is a core part of the entire sewage treatment system, play a major monitoring systems, control, and display functions. Most of the sewage treatment system control platform in the unattended state, and temperature, humidity, vibration, and other environmental factors that affect the location changes, and therefore requires not only to control platform hardware with good performance, wide temperature range, scalability, easy maintenance features also necessary conditions.

Acura Embedded industrial computer features:

Stability: unattended, continuous 24-hour non-stop work, can adapt to harsh environments.

Easy expansion: Compact rich I / O interfaces, structure, easy installation, and expansion in a small space.

No interference: The system application environment more dust, temperature, vibration, Acura Embedded rigorous temperature control platform and immunity tests

Compared with conventional wastewater treatment system, which realizes the sewage treatment process automatic control and automatic adjustment, it can display the real-time status of each field device and stored, and when the measured value exceeds a given standard, the system will alarm. At the same time due to the unique design Acura Embedded labor controlling machine, the system is easy to expand, easy maintenance, through with different sensors, they can also be used in many applications to monitor the atmosphere, hydrology, noise, and so on.