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Use Automatic Vehicle Location technology to track your vehicles

For commercial and industrial transportation, it is important to use some advanced technology such as automatic vehicle location, in order to track the moving vehicles. It is a computer based system that tracks the vehicles such as taxis and uses the GPS (global positioning satellites) to locate the vehicle in real time. The information supplied by this computer based technology needs to be combined with other technologies so that the efficiency is maximized. The applications of an automatic vehicle location may include the fleet management, safety and security of travelers as well as traveler information to make the transportation system more intelligent. Industrial LCD monitors are used for locating the moving vehicles and are designed to meet the demanding mobile environments.

Monitoring the Performance

In various industrial operations, it is important to know the exact location of the transit vehicles and this helps in logistics. Therefore, using industrial LCD monitors helps track the vehicle in real-time and provides for efficient systems planning and fleet management. It is easier to monitor the performance of drivers and increase their efficiency by taking proper actions.


Safety and Security

The Automatic Vehicle location technology can help in displaying the real time data on the GIS and this helps in ensuring the maximum on-board safety to the passengers in the public transportation and commercial vehicles such as private taxis. The use of advanced technology facilitates quicker incident response. With the help of industrial LCD monitors it is easier to deviate from the route depending on the circumstances. A vehicle can be assigned for demand response pickup.

Efficient Transit and Modal Connections

With the help of advanced technology like automatic vehicle location, it is easier to use the technologies such as GIS and track the vehicles that are arriving at particular intersections. This will help in reducing the passenger wait times and increasing the efficiency in connecting with different modes. The use of industrial LCD monitors allow for system-sharing between different modes. The new technology works well with multi-modal transportation systems, as it is easier to spread the cost of the system.

Optimizing Dispatching

With the help of advanced technology, it is easier to maximize the dispatching systems and allow for efficient rerouting and effective fleet utilization. The industrial LCD monitors and automatic vehicle location technology increases the driver’s efficiency and reduces the non-revenue miles by eliminating the backlogs and serving more passengers at a time.

Use Automatic Vehicle Location Technology to Track your Vehicles