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What are marine computers?

marine computers

Marine computer technology enables the crews on maritime boats and cruise ships to power operations and communications no matter where their vessels take them. Designed to withstand harsh conditions and wet environments, marine computer equipment puts compute power, applications and other tools at the fingertips of the crew throughout the boat. As a leading provider of ruggedized computer and display applications as well as military grade computer technology, Comark provides a family of marine computer equipment that is trusted by ship designers, builders and owners to deliver superior performance in demanding conditions at sea.

How Are They Certified?

A marine computer is typically certified by the IEC 60945 standard which covers maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems, and the ABS Type Approval which covers safety systems and equipment on marine vessels.
To receive certification, marine computers must provide protection against:
• Extremely high temperatures, including both dry heat and damp heat.
• Extremely low temperatures which may range to well below freezing.
• Strong vibration from wave slamming and propeller vibrations.
• Corrosion from humidity and salt mist exposure.
• High voltage, including protection against accidental access to dangerous voltages.
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), including susceptibility to radiated or conducted electromagnetic interference.
Additionally, marine computers are tested for acoustic noise to ensure that equipment won’t exceed noise levels that may disturb bridge operations. And equipment must not emit electromagnetic radiation from the chassis or cables that could interfere with other devices, or magnetic field radiation that could interfere with compass operations.

What are Marine Computers and How it can help you achieve you goals