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What is a Medical Computer

Use of Medical Computers for EHR

Some physicians still hold out for paper health records, but EHRs are now the norm. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 includes provisions for financial incentives for Medicare providers who demonstrate meaningful use of technology for EHR .A good medical grade computer needs to quickly process complete patient health records to get through a patient visit in a timely manner. As patient privacy is becoming more of a concern, these computers must be able to maintain HIPAA compliance according to the HITECH Act within the ARRA of 2009. Look for a computer with the following characteristics:IP65 Rating- This rating identifies the medical PC as a device that is protected from dust ingress and low pressure water jets. A medical PC with this rating has limited liquid ingress protection and can be sprayed and wiped clean without damaging the internal components of the computer. Battery operation- Tangent is the first computer manufacturer to introduce a medical grade computer operated by hot-swappable batteries to the healthcare industry. This feature is poised to serve the unique need of the healthcare industry for medical cart device integration.

Surgical and Diagnostic Applications

Medical grade computers have the potential to assist in patient care because of imaging capabilities. For example, computers with the proper graphics processor, CPU performance, screen display, and software compatibility can visualize patients’ inner workings to guide surgeons during surgery. In diagnostics, computers display MRI and CT scans providing radiologists with critical information. New software and high definition screens enable a diagnostician to see better than before and more quickly detect what they are looking for.

What is a Medical Computer?