What is a Vechicle computer?

The modern engine management system consists of an electronic control system that includes an extensive network of electronic and electrical components. The car computer is a major part of this system. It can be called the electronic mind that controls the various functions of the engine.

The Role of the Car Computer?

Collecting, analyzing and processing the values ​​and data received from the sensors or engine sensors – Adjusting and adjusting the engine actuators (such as fuel injectors, for example) according to the data obtained from the sensors.

How Does the Car Computer Work?

The car’s computer is an electronic chip that processes the data it obtains from the various engine sensors that connects it in the form of electrical signals, and based on this data it calculates the proportions of the ideal air and fueling the mixture that will enter the cylinders very accurately, and then gives orders to the engine actuators to implement.

Examples of Some Operations Controlled by the Engine Computer:

The fuel flow injected by the injector, as well as the time of opening and closing the injector nozzle in addition to the operation of the fuel pump. Operating the cooling fans according to the need of the engine trolling the operation of the air conditioning system compressor according to the need of the engine, controlling the distribution of the spark Cylinder ignition, and controlling the exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce harmful emissions and prevent waste of fuel.