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What is an all in one PC?

Pros/Cons of an All in One Pc

The biggest advantage of all-in-one PCs is the space saved. All components are housed in one component in a space-saving manner. This also eliminates the need for annoying cable connections. If you want to change or transport the PC, this is comparatively fast and easy.If you want to supply your all-in-one PC with more memory or a larger hard drive, this is possible with a little effort, just like the classic desktop PC. Changing other components, such as the graphics card, is difficult or impossible for many models. But if you don’t tinker with the PC anyway, the all-in-one PC is good for you. The compact construction of the all-in-one PCs has another disadvantage. As with a notebook, if the display breaks, the entire PC is usually unusable.

What is an All in One Pc?