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What is an Industrial all in one PC touch screen?

Human Machine Interface (HMI) – HMI panels are commonplace in manufacturing environments. They help to automate heavy machinery, providing end users with an easy to use interface that allows them to interact with machines. This allows businesses to closely monitor production and make real time decisions based on data collected by the panel PC.

Control Panels for Industrial Applications – Because Cybernet’s panel PCs are open frame, they can be configured to run custom software applications. CAD design software, cutting and tooling software and even 3D printing software can all be run from our powerful panel PCs making them a perfect solution for OEM device manufacturers looking for a custom computer solution.

Improve Quality Control – Because our industrial panel PCs are customizable, a lot of end users are using them to improve quality control and make processes more efficient. Available RFID and barcode integration can make materials handling and inventory management much more streamlined and accurate. RFID can be used to track a product through each step of the assembly process and ensure that the right parts are being installed at each workstation. RFID can even be used to ensure that only qualified users are logging into a machine at a specific workstation, preventing safety hazards and reducing the risk of human error.

What is an Industrial All in One Pc Touch Screen?