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What is an Industrial Computer?

Industrial PCs are a small branch of computers, which are mainly used in harsh industrial environments to operate stably and safely. Provide the best solution for human-machine interface and production process control.

Industrial computers are not very different from commercial computers in terms of internal hardware. They consist of a motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, graphics card, sound card, display, touch screen and operating system.

Industrial computers are mainly used in production control lines, machine vision, electrical communications, digital hospitals, banks, bus and subway systems, environmental testing, and defense equipment terminals.

The main features of industrial tablet PCs: safe operation, stable performance, robustness and durability.

Industrial automation

Since industrial computers are different from commercial tablets in terms of user experience, industrial tablets pay more attention to stability. Therefore, to create an industrial panel computer, you need to work hard in the design.

The front bezel of the general industrial computer is surrounded by an aluminum alloy shell, and the front panel is a touch screen design, which must pass the IP65 level in terms of waterproof and dust protection.

The bottom is generally designed with an aluminum alloy or stainless steel cabinet, which is strong and durable.

In terms of heat dissipation, our common industrial computers are fanless cooling operating systems, some are designed with large aluminum fins or copper fins, and some are designed with heat dissipation holes. The high performance industrial panel computers are designed with large surface aluminum fins.

In terms of functionality, industrial computers have the characteristics of resistance to dust, shock, pressure, humidity, water, high temperatures, low temperatures and easy expansion of various slots. The CPU memory display can be customized and optimized according to customer needs. The richness and adaptability of I / O can meet the needs of different customers

What is an Industrial Computer and How can it help you achieve your goals?