Acura Embedded Systems

Boost your buisness performance with rugged PCs

  • Designing of Rugged PCs

Rugged PCs are fundamentally designed to perform in all harsh conditions with optimum solutions. These systems provide a matching solution to every industry. No matter, whether it is a water industry, oil or gas industry, building or construction industry, and even industries related to the heating or cooling environment.

  • Rugged PCs Demand

Rugged panel PCs are in increasing demand in order to sustain better system protection and workplace in any hazardous work area. Not merely the indoor workspace even in an outdoor workspace, Rugged PCs eternally play a crucial role while securing your systems from any damage and ensuring your data security as well.

  • Our company’s role

Acura Embedded Systems designs and delivers durable industrial solutions that can withstand water, sand & dust, oil & gas, every temperature(whether low or high), and shocks or vibrations in order to perform various business activities with reliability and work security. We enable the industries for rapid performance with no hindrance.

The rugged system technology is the new standard for today’s business industries for superior work execution in any harsh work area. For better work functionality, industries are not bounded with the rugged PCs merely, they also demand rugged tablets, touch screen pads, or other displays as per their distinct requirement.

We are the one who delivers the optimum solution for all your industrial necessities such as water-resistant rugged PCs for marine or water industry, dust and moisture-proof computers for building and construction industries, oil & gas computers for oil and gas industries, and temperature tolerable systems to the industries that include the outdoor or fieldwork.

  • Our business necessity

Not every rugged system provider delivers you a specific necessity-based system because the distinct industry requires rugged systems for distinct use. So, you can avail the customized feature in your rugged PCs manufactured by our professional and technical team.

Thus, we are here listening to your business necessity first and then offer you a range of rugged PCs that meet all your business requirements in a competitive price range. Whether you desire to buy water-resistant systems, dust or moisture-proof PCs, or oil & gas computers, we have a giant range of rugged panel PCs that are enabled with numerous business functionalities or features.

Boost Your Business Performance with Rugged PCs