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 In the era of Industry 4.0, the industrial PC has become absolutely essential in various sectors. Not only do the connected factory and the industry as a whole need IT on a daily basis, but this need is increasingly precise and demanding. In some specific industries, what is called “rugged computing” is used. This is a term used to mean equipment designed to be used intensively and in a harsh environment.

What is a rugged PC?

Let’s start from the beginning. A rugged PC is a computer manufactured in such a way that it is ready to operate efficiently in an extremely harsh environment. Its components, internal and external, have been carefully chosen in order to develop resistance to any test. In addition, as they are often used in an intensive setting with minimal downtime research, the safety and durability of the equipment are sought after. A rugged PC, also known as an industrial PC, will withstand drops, vibrations, water, dust, and extreme temperatures better than a typical desktop PC, no matter how powerful

Which industries need the rugged PC the most?

Let’s see where rugged PCs (whether semi, ultra, or 100% rugged) are the most in-demand and most importantly, the most useful.

  • The military sector

The ultra-rugged PC is generally designed for the military sector. The soldiers operate, often on the move, on all types of terrain: inclement weather, extreme temperatures, wars … In fact, they need reinforced computer equipment on a daily basis ready to withstand the harshest living conditions. A clear and readable screen in all weather conditions allows soldiers to receive and follow orders quickly and smoothly, for example. This material allows the greatest efficiency in the field.

  • The oil industry

The benefits of rugged PCs in the petroleum industry are numerous. Workers in this sector are often exposed to a very wide range of chemicals, explosions, or extreme temperatures. Providing a rugged PC to a team allows them to collect data without the risk of losing everything after a chemical leak onto the device, for example.

In addition, a rugged ventilated computer is often required to be installed as close as possible to petroleum installations.

  • Automobile industry

Rugged PCs are useful throughout the automotive industry. However, one of the times when a computer’s resistance is strained is during car crash tests. The PC must withstand the manufacturing process. When used on the assembly line, PCs also need to be immune to oil, dust, or sparks flying back and forth without interruption.

  • Building and construction

Construction workers are immersed in a universe of vibrations, dust, and shocks of all kinds that require a PC to be particularly resistant to them. The rugged PC will do the trick.

  • The pharmaceutical and food industry

Harsh and/or corrosive chemicals are commonplace for workers in the pharmaceutical industry. Rugged PCs can withstand these while providing optimal security in the field.

Harsh environment computer

 In the era of Industry 4.0, the industrial PC has become absolutely essential in various sectors. Not only do the connected factory and the industry

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Harsh environment computer