What is a mini PC how can it help you achieve your goals?

What is a mini PC and what is this type of computer for? With reduced dimensions and attractive price, Mini PCs can be a good option according to your usage needs. They are small, compact, and still arouse many people’s curiosity about their usage capabilities. The Mini PC is a good option when buying a […]

What are Panel PCs and How they can help you achieve your goals

What are Panel PCs and What are your characteristics? Definition of a Panel PC The Panel PC is an industrial PC integrated with a touch screen monitor for easy handling and improved speed of execution. This equipment is “all in one” which makes it much easier to install since there are fewer cables and a […]

Industrial Computers. Here’s what you can accomplish with them.

Industrial Computers. Why do I need one? Computers are electronic machines that receive information (Data), process it according to a specific instruction, and deliver new information as a result. Simple like that. Is that so? Today we have a wide range of products available on the market. Some need to be installed in cabinets, refrigerated […]

Mini PC: what is the best one to choose for your home office

Mini PC: how and which one to choose for your home office Is space still short on the worktable? See the top tips on how to choose a mini-PC Size is not a document — also for computing. Mini PC models are getting smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t mean they’re delivering less performance. For […]

Industrial PC Canada, How it works and how it can help you achieve your goals?

Industrial PC Canada PCs are roughly divided into industrial ones and consumer ones. What is the difference between industrial PCs and consumer PCs? We will explain what an industrial PC is, the features of the industrial PC and how it is used, and explain why the market size of the industrial PC is expanding. What […]