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What is a mini PC and what is this type of computer for?

With reduced dimensions and attractive price, Mini PCs can be a good option according to your usage needs.

What is a mini PC and what is this type of computer for?

They are small, compact, and still arouse many people’s curiosity about their usage capabilities. The Mini PC is a good option when buying a new computer if you want something more portable than conventional desktop computers or that takes up less space than cabinets. Learn more about What is a Mini PC and where they are advantageous.

What is a mini PC?

Mini PCs can be considered an option between desktop PCs and notebooks, as they have portability as one of their features, most of them fit easily in a normal backpack, in addition to having the main ports for connection, HDMI, USB high-speed, network cable entry and other connections.

Despite being portable, the Mini PC is closer to a compact version of desktop computer cases than notebooks, as the Mini PC needs other peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, and does not work without being connected to a source of electrical energy.

If for some time they were related to very basic configurations, nowadays, we can already find Mini PCs with intermediate configurations, equipped with Core i5, i7 or Razen equivalent processors, with an integrated video card or even dedicated GPU that can handle some games in average graphics configuration. There are also some MiniPCs gamers that, in addition to their characteristic lights and design, naturally have more robust specifications.

But before going out to buy a Mini PC, some details need to be taken into account so you don’t buy something below your expectations of use.

Portability is an undeniable feature of miniPCs, but because they require other peripherals and a power source, they are less versatile than notebooks. If you want to use it in other places, you must already have the structure in the new place of use.


Do Mini PCs Allow Upgrades?

It all depends on the product design, but Acura Mini PCs are fully customizable to fit your project’s needs.


What is a mini PCs used for exactly?

There are several types of use for miniPCs, from industrial units installed to control machinery and assembly lines to devices with a corporate profile. For applications in hostile environments, such as an industry, a mining company, an oil platform; for an application in Digital Signage controlling screens in elevators or built into columns in a shopping mall; for use in toll plazas, activating the ticket gate and counting the money 24 hours a day, come rain, shine or a humid fog. For an ICU environment, monitoring a patient’s vital data or in a life support system, your Personal Computer is certainly not suitable. It can be the most modern, the most current, the best configured; absolutely certainly not designed for these applications. Plus, you can use them to create powerful, custom routers, home servers, and HTPCs.


What is a mini PC how can it help you achieve your goals?