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What is a Mini PC?

mini pc

After the dazzling success of the first I-Macs, manufacturers realized the importance of design in attracting new customers. It is now up to the machine to adapt to the user, and not the other way around. Bright colors and rounded shapes help to play down computer science by developing an emotional relationship with the object. As users have greatly diversified in recent years, particularly with the explosion of the Internet and multimedia, the computer is now tending to replace telephone, television, VCR and receivers of all kinds. Microsoft is also not mistaken with the “Media Center” edition of Windows XP. The Mini PC is therefore part of this trend, with a strong concept:
The applications are numerous and the configurations varied DVD player, “DivX box”, MP3 jukebox, games machine easy to transport (ideal for fans of “LAN Parties”, these network games can bring together several hundreds of participants), customizable PC for die-hard hackers, discreet local server, digital photo and video storage station …If we add a flat LCD screen to them, they are then the ultimate solution for those who wish to have a powerful machine and mobile for indoor use, cheaper and more scalable than a laptop PC. Its configuration can thus be modulated according to the intended use: no need for a state-of-the-art microprocessor for an MP3 jukebox for example. Conversely, 3D gaming enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the very latest technologies with a powerful configuration .On the practical side, the Mini PCs of course allow a considerable saving of space, and are equipped with connectors placed on the front for increased accessibility. No more hellish contortions to connect and disconnect your peripherals!


What is the Size of a Mini Pc?

A mini PC (or SFF, small form factor) is a small size PC compatible computer (10 to 20 cm wide, 10 to 20 cm long, 3 to 5 cm thick) designed for the basic need of large consultation public web in wired or wireless connection, multimedia and for the commercial nomadism of companies.



What is a Mini Pc and how can It help you achieve your goals?